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R-Tech Motorsports Collision Gear

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When we sat down at the table and decided what we wanted in our apparel, we knew it had to be an expression of who and what we are. It needed to represent the brand and the fans in the right way. We wanted to capture boldness of car design, the ruggedness of a 4×4, the sleek lines of a sports car, and the raw power and growl of an engine. We wanted to make a statement but at the same time keep it simple and satisfying. What came to us is R-Tech Motorsports “Collision Gear”! This is the gear you turn to, when you need to show your love for the road. This is the gear you throw on when you are heading out to work. The gear that you choose when turning that wrench. The gear that you wear to be comfortable. This is the gear that you wear to tell the world, that like us, beneath your chest beats the heart of a true car lover and you are going to proudly show it!

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